• Frameless Shower Door

    To compare frameless shower doors with frame or semi-frame shower doors , you  understand the reasons why many people would undoubtedly choose the frameless ones. First of all, the frameless shower door is customizable, which is not available in similar products. In this way, buyers can easily ch...
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  • Design a long-lived bathroom with high-quality shower accessories

    Designing a beautiful bathroom requires a lot of time, energy and money. In order for the bathroom to maintain a good appearance for a long time, it is necessary to choose a high-quality shower hardware that can withstand continuous exposure to steam, moisture, water and high flow without deterio...
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  • How to choose shower door

    There are many types and styles of shower screens. In this article, we will show you how to choose the best shower screen . The advantage of a framed shower screen is that it has frame support and does not require high environmental requirements. The frameless shower screen is more transparent. T...
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  • Door Knob

    There are various door knobs on the market. Therefore, it is important to clearly understand the differences between the various types to choose the type that perfectly suits your needs. Doorknobs seem to be effortless to buy, but you still need to understand some errors and precautions. In addit...
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  • The 2020 global door handle market with Covid-19 effect analysis

    Global marketers have added the latest research report on the global door handle market. The report provides a dashboard overview of leading companies, covering their successful marketing strategies, market contributions, and the latest developments in the history and current environment. The rep...
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  • Glass Rail Standoff

    Glass Rail Standoff products are suitable for mounting to steel, concrete, or wood substrate. Rail standoff is made in stainless steel with Polished Stainless Steel (PSS) and Satin Stainless Steel (SSS) finishes,  thru-bolt can prevent glass slippage, gaskets to prevent damage to the glass. Besid...
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  • The global glass hardware market is booming in 2020-2027

    New Jersey, USA, the glass hardware market is growing rapidly, and it has made important contributions to the global economy in terms of sales, growth rate, market share and scale. The “Glass Hardware Market Report” is a comprehensive research document that can provide readers with va...
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  • Household shower room market size, share, growth, latest innovation, trend and forecast 2020-2026 analysis

    Los Angeles, USA: We have conducted a very precise research on the global household shower cubicle market to help you discover hidden opportunities and understand the unpredictable challenges in the industry in a comprehensive manner. The author of the report revealed the key growth factors, cons...
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  • Structural Glass Hardware

    Structural Glass Hardware

    Frameless glass walls are some of the most practical and visually effective glass installations available, they flood interior spaces with daylight. Our spider fittings (including without fin spider and with fin spider) are designed for mounting glass to walls, posts, and other structural substra...
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  • Polar Bears Disappearing Within 80 Years

    According to foreign media reports, the latest research published in the “Nature-Climate Change” magazine shows that global warming has caused a large amount of sea ice to burst and melt, and climate change has greatly damaged the living environment of polar bears. Polar bears may bec...
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  • Frameless Sliding Shower Door

    Frameless Sliding Shower Door

    The sliding shower door, tub door or enclosure bring an air of sophistication and luxury with its modern and fully frameless design,the striking stainless steel hardware delivers a perfect mix of exceptional quality and cool urban style. Sliding door operators can be installed into 90° double do...
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  • Protection in an outbreak

    Under the global influence of a COVID-19, there is another special risk case that needs our attention: the novel Coronavirus asymptomatic patient. Novel Coronavirus infection refers to a patient who has been infected has no symptoms such as fatigue, cough, persistent high fever, or chest tightnes...
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  • Post Virus Time

    Covid-19 has changed our life, in order to keep safe, we have to work from home. Once COVID-19 subsides, businesses begin to reopen, some changes will be kept, for example, working from home will be taken into consideration by many companies, the companies will consider moving into smaller facili...
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  • Screen Seals

    The glass edge seal is an indispensable part of the shower room. it can prevent the water from leaking from shower enclosure, at the same time, it also protects the glass. Our weather seals are made of PVC can be used for 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm glass. More functions gaskets such as bottom seals,...
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  • Glass Patch Fitting

    Patch Fittings are ideal for creating visually attractive frameless glass solutions for offices, internal or external doors. Our door hinges offer wide installation option due to the complete products lines and better finish, available in PSS, SSS, Titanium and matt black finish and so no. The do...
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